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The UNROW 24FW series draws inspiration from whirlpools in water, capturing a tale of redemption amidst a storm. The series is praised with the phrase "la voile/à", where "la voile" carries the literal meaning of thin veil while also alluding to the heavy sail of a ship. This dual-sided metaphor of lightness and heaviness opens up possibilities for in-depth discussion of the series.

Continuing UNROW's exploration of restless aestheties, the incorporation of contemporary design methods within the backdrop of swirling water formations has facilitated the emergence of beauty combined with strength. It shapes a character proud yet self-re-warding, blending classical, adventurous, rock, restraint...ete within the series narrative.

The series employs deconstruction techniques using the sail as an element, with deconstructed contours and lines extensively applied in collar and cuff designs. Multi-layered cutting in key areas is utilized to express the character's three-dimensionality amidst the storm. Materials-wise, ultra-fine faux fur is used to simulate the storm, with swirl prints and water droplet embellishments conveying the imagery of splashing water in the storm. The series prominently features items adorned with the U-shaped logo as accents, incorporating Baroque-style features stripped of gender within minimalistic contours and dynamic lines.

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