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The collection connects “a party in a party” with “me in me”, to convey existence is a carnival and I am a party and me in the party.

Inspired by the Polish director Zbigniew Rybczynski’s Tango 1981, UNROW 22 S/S Collection is a fantasy of vague memories of a party.(A soirée, party, fiesta...etc. em...whatever existed once or in the past) Twisted chairs, transparent ceiling lamps, heavy doors, petty laughter...a sense of distance gradually blurred after a memory filter is attached triggers Zhou Hao’s thought about 22 S/S. Through overlapping and fantasies, he dug up those slightly blurred soirée fragments in his memories, and imagined people and details of a party, with which he created a monologue of the 22 S/S Collection. Live to Dream, and Keep Soirée in Mind

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